26 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
Nah, it's not yet time to write one of my notorious open letters which invariably invoke scathing criticism from all sides of the political spectrum for their evenhandedness, use of reason and logic, bicultural comprehension, and long view of hist...
25 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
I present this series of maps to explain to my friends overseas why a tiny triangle of land on the edge of a cliff seems to have such earth-shattering importance for the Thai and the Cambodian peoples.  The first map is from the 12th century.  The...
15 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
I haven't blogged for a month but it's not out of laziness; there's endless rehearsals, concerts, operas, and lengthy admin meetings and by the time I get home each night I am a zombie, a condition assuages only by sleep and the odd Zynga game. I...
10 Jul 2011
Somtow's World
Mae Naak's Cast Visits the Shrine... We've posted the visit on CNN iReport for all to enjoy.... Somtow
5 Jul 2011
Somtow's World
I read in the paper today that Thaksin may be appointed some kind of "trade ambassador" for Thailand and will be sent from place to place to make trade deals on behalf of the country, travelling on his Montenegrin passport. I also read that the ...
3 Jul 2011
Somtow's World
Let's see how the pretty puppet does her 'job' ... said one of my Facebook friends when I suggested that if PT makes a stab at its promises and doesn't play up the Thaksin angle too much.  I don't doubt that at the moment, we are about to welcome...
2 Jul 2011
Somtow's World
Tomorrow ... well, later today as it is getting towards midnight ... we'll  know many things.  We also won't know several other, perhaps more important things. We'll know whether the Thaksinites have enough parliamentary seats to take over the ...
1 Jul 2011
Somtow's World
No one is allowed to "campaign" from now until the polls close, so I guess those airwaves that have recently been full of political ranting are now free for satirists like "Purakhanda" to point out the lighter side of it all. Sometimes I think po...
30 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Put together a little video showing our young musicians having the time of their lives....
28 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Let's forget for a moment about right and wrong. Forget about injustices, perceived and real; forget about amnesties, forget about morality. If one wanted to remain in power at all costs, what would one do? Fearmongering about Cambodia worked p...
27 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Just sharing a few moments from this weekend, when the Siam Sinfonietta went into the recording studio for the first time to produce an album of two Haydn Symphonies, Nos. 102 and 104....
26 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Our next prime minister.... I wonder whether someone on Abhisit's staff reads this blog,   From time to time, I say something ... and shortly, someone seems to act on it.  Maybe it's just that I'm ahead of the curve, or that everyone is saying t...
22 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
As July 3 approaches, I'm getting more emails from friends overseas, asking me whether they should cancel their summer holiday in Thailand ... after all, there might be riots, killings, burnings of shopping malls, seizures of airports, and so on. ...
20 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Today I received an IM from a young music student which simply said, "I want to study conducting with you.  I want to be a conductor.  It's my dream." I really wanted to help him, and to help other young people who have said the same thing to m...
11 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
This is the morning of my departure from the Czech Republic.  I will do a recapitulation of my journey, whizzing through the former territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on my way to Vienna and, perhaps to stop off at the grave of Beethoven i...
8 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
Or calm before the storm ... whatever ... I have had a couple of days without concerts or singing competitions, mostly in discussions with my hosts about the future ... discussions which, as is usual in the Czech Republic, appear to involve large...
5 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
It's Friday and I'm still in Bratislava; this morning I listened to a demo by two of the choirs who will compete in tomorrow's competition.  The Singaporean children's choir sang Chinese and Filipino pieces as well as "Turkey in the Straw."  This ...
2 Jun 2011
Somtow's World
We saw two Verdi operas in a row, one in the Staatsoper in Vienna and one in the brand new Opera House in Bratislava which has just been erected not to replace their historic opera house but to supplement it; the Slovaks are avid concertgoers and ...
30 May 2011
Somtow's World
It is a truth universally acknowledged that any one setting foot in the musical capital of the universe must at some point eat a slice of Sacher Torte at the Sacher Hotel Café.  So universally acknowledged is it, in fact, that 360,000 Sacher Torte...
29 May 2011
Somtow's World
... well my memory misserved me again, and of course the Volksoper wasn't where the Magic Flute was first performed ... I think that theatre is long gone. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it only existed for 14 years, yet was the site of the prem...
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