8 Feb 2012
Somtow's World
The Mahler appeal seems to have slowed to a crawl at just over 200,000 baht.  Even this figure is in itself amazing, because no one's ever tried using social networks to finance classical concerts in Thailand before.   Now, at around a week to go ...
3 Feb 2012
Somtow's World
A List of Interesting Ironies A few days ago, the University in Thailand that most prides itself on promoting free speech and democratic ideals placed a ban on a moderate, apolitical group of academics seeking an open discussion of Thailand's lè...
3 Feb 2012
Somtow's World
NEWS FROM BANGKOK OPERA FOUNDATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAHLER - WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS AND COFFINSOpera Siam’s London tour of Somtow Sucharitkul’s  Mae Naak  in September was a huge artistic success — and a financial nightmare, perching the te...
20 Jan 2012
Somtow's World
The following is (more or less) a note I put on my facebook account about four hours ago.  Even in a few hours, the response has been heartwarming ... enough to thaw my depression out quite a bit.  Now I am asking the readers of my blog the same q...
12 Jan 2012
Somtow's World
6 Jan 2012
Somtow's World
Official Coat of Arms of the Zoe Katholike Church of St. Papinian of the Darker Angels I had a dream so bizarre I decided not to write it down.  But when I don't write them down, I forget them. It's a way to avoid facing whatever message may be...
29 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
Today will mark my 30th year as a 29-year-old.  Next year, I will probably drop the pretense of youth completely; five cycles is a momentous time in the Buddhist world view, and perhaps will finally be the time to grow up. This birthday is in som...
22 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
After three years I finally completed work on my REQUIEM FOR THE MOTHER OF SONGS, written in memory of HRH Princess Princess Galyani Vadhana, and yesterday the Department of Cultural Promotions at the Ministry of Culture agreed to co-host the worl...
17 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
Rhetoric is ratcheting. A big-time general and a big-time parliamentary bigwig have both stated publicly that those who dislike the law should leave the country.  Now, I never realized that "disliking" something was in fact illegal.  In fact, "s...
15 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
There's been much talk in Thai circles about Johnny Spencer, a white supremacist recently prosecuted in Lousville, Kentucky for publishing a poem on the internet that "threatens to assassinate President Obama." I read the poem.  The guy's a slea...
14 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
I began this blog on the 6th of December and haven't reedited the opening to match the actual date.  I would like to write something safe, optimistic, and forward-looking, but I find that all I can produce is ambiguity.  Within all this, perhaps, ...
6 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
Last week, my dear mama told me that no less a figure than the leader of this country had attacked me as a crypto-yellow-shirt on the red shirt channel.  I said in this blog that I had no proof of such a thing, though of course I found it flatteri...
2 Dec 2011
Somtow's World
I had a wild day yesterday because I went to Nation TV to do a show about Steve Jobs.  Not that I knew him personally, but I guess they wanted me to talk about the mystery of creativity.  They are doing a ten-part documentary about him for Nation ...
29 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
As people who read this blog know, I have been attacked in the past by people on all sides of the political spectrum.  I believe that is an inevitable consequence of trying to see the world in a balanced way, and of trying to understand people's m...
22 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
It appears as though the honeymoon, such as it was, is being shelved for now.  People seem intent on choosing sides, intent on declaring the red or yellow nature of their souls. And people such as I, who as artists tend to zero in on moral...
15 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
I was in a taxi yesterday and the taxi driver was glued to the radio news.  It was being reported that that new rules were being added to the regulations for the King's Birthday amnesty, an event looked forward to every year by jailed criminals in...
13 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
In this morning's dream, I am part of a big tourist expedition to parts unknown,  There is a fork in the road ... or rather, there are two pathways from the main road which will join up later on.  I take the first path and suddenly discover that I...
11 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
I don't smell the fœtid odor of the "fine and private place" quite yet, but I am more conscious that it lurks around the corner.  Today, Jay is 20 years old.   He's probably asleep right now, as it's 3 am and I have just woken up (I cannot shake t...
10 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
On looking into a copy of Chapman’s Homer that might have belonged to Keats by S.P. Somtow They stood in Darien, little knowing howA poet would allude to them long thence.Their lives as metaphor remembered nowMore real than real, intenser...
8 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
A picture is worth 1,000 words — but can it buy a few seats in parliament? The above photo, from Reuters, of a Buddha image in the roots of a bodhi tree being swallowed up in the waters, is precisely the kind of image that can be exploited endles...
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