13 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
In this morning's dream, I am part of a big tourist expedition to parts unknown,  There is a fork in the road ... or rather, there are two pathways from the main road which will join up later on.  I take the first path and suddenly discover that I...
11 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
I don't smell the fœtid odor of the "fine and private place" quite yet, but I am more conscious that it lurks around the corner.  Today, Jay is 20 years old.   He's probably asleep right now, as it's 3 am and I have just woken up (I cannot shake t...
10 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
On looking into a copy of Chapman’s Homer that might have belonged to Keats by S.P. Somtow They stood in Darien, little knowing howA poet would allude to them long thence.Their lives as metaphor remembered nowMore real than real, intenser...
8 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
A picture is worth 1,000 words — but can it buy a few seats in parliament? The above photo, from Reuters, of a Buddha image in the roots of a bodhi tree being swallowed up in the waters, is precisely the kind of image that can be exploited endles...
8 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
My mother was emptying out some old stuff in storage and I found some interesting old photos including this one, a polaroid of my young self, probably taken by myself on an SX-70.  I only owned that camera briefly because my uncle Thongthow wanted...
7 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
A little taste of what we were doing last week ... fiddling while Bangkok flooded, I'm afraid ... but we're back now, and the water's still coming.... This footage is from Top's actual concerto debut, including the infamous string breaking and fi...
6 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
By now, the people of Bangkok have realized that our city governor's ceremony to placate Ganga, the Goddess of the Waters, was at best a temporary fix.  A lake the size of Denmark is still bearing inexorably toward the heart of Bangkok.  Concurren...
5 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
So ... I finally went back to California for a few days.  Nine years have gone by.  My old house, now taken over by my son Johnny, has been massively (and quite attractively) retrofitted as a kind of bachelor boarding house.  My godson Håkon's ban...
3 Nov 2011
Somtow's World
Well no, I am not on Sunset; this hotel instead abuts on Citywalk, which is a Hollywoodised vision of what an urban fantasy would be, located on the grounds of universal studios. I've got an extraordinary dream to tell you about, weirder even tha...
26 Oct 2011
Somtow's World
I am afraid that this image, reproduced from the Bangkok Post's website, is not a comforting one.  I live in the Watana district of Bangkok and you can see it is calculated to be a rich turquoise zone ... i.e. it will be under about  9-20 inches o...
22 Oct 2011
Somtow's World
Right.  So, tomorrow I'm going back to L.A. for the first time in about eight years. It's a remarkable confluence of all my careers.  First I'm conducting two concerts with a local orchestra, the Montage Civic Orchestra, in two cities.  Second, I...
21 Oct 2011
Somtow's World
I will just entertain you with this interesting example of Dave Brubeck on harps at the Siam Society ... since there's nothing to do now except await the deluge... We are all sitting here worrying about whether our houses will be submerged in the...
8 Oct 2011
Somtow's World
I can't resist sharing this on my blog as it is I this it is something that penetrates to the very heart of what it means to be Thai.  Always in a delicate balance between futurism and feudalism, with one foot in cyberspace and the other in the St...
24 Sep 2011
Somtow's World
This happened on the night of the 16th but I'm just now getting around to posting it.... Last night I woke up sweating from a nightmare at 3 in the morning and it was so strange a nightmare to have on the eve of a big gala performance of my oper...
20 Sep 2011
Somtow's World
New wing of Music Schools at Eton The Third Act of my opera Mae Naak is essentially one long exorcism scene.  So we have been having an on-stage exorcism every day for about a week. Yesterday, however, I had an exorcism of another ilk when I...
18 Sep 2011
Somtow's World
History was made I suppose, on Sep 15, because Mae Naak at the Bloomsbury Theatre was the first performance of a Thai opera anywhere in Europe.  The house was about 80% full but word of mouth must have been good because by Sep 17, the last perfo...
13 Sep 2011
Somtow's World
There is a terrible crisis on a daily basis.  The orchestra has been squashed into a miserable squat because we can't afford any more.  The set didn't fit on the plane.  One of our guest singers was deported by British immigration because they dec...
29 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
Yes ... readers of this blog may watch the entire opera Mae Naak by clicking on this unlisted youtube link.  Thanks so much for all your support. This is not going to be the final version of the production but it is provided so that my friends...
28 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
The classical music scene in Thailand is a perfect microcosm of the political miasma that reigns in this country, and it is instructive to look at both.  From Mahidol we can learn many lessons about the beast that gnaws at the heart of this countr...
26 Aug 2011
Somtow's World
I read in the paper last night that Dr. Sugree has tendered his resignation as director of Mahidol's College of Music.  I do not believe everything I read in the paper, and it is certainly conceivable that this is not a "real" resignation but some...
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