27 Nov 2013
Somtow's World
As I'm not a politician, my thought processes are not that subtle.  I'd like to propose a very simple solution to the huge dilemma that Thailand is in right now.   A lot of very complex solutions are being considered right now, most of which invol...
23 Nov 2013
Somtow's World
STATUS UPDATE Dear friends: It has been my plan to make sure that all 59 of the books I have written so far can easily be obtained by anyone who wants to read them. So, I have been returning all my out of print books to print via DIPLODOCUS PRE...
12 Oct 2013
Somtow's World
It's been a few months since the last blog.  Indeed, I am not blogging very much these days.  For the last eighteen months, my entire life has been in an emotional limbo.  At some point, since these pages often have a confessional tone, I may reve...
31 May 2013
Somtow's World
How Not to Run an Airline Miss Salaya, the Grand Inquisitor of Air Asia I would like to share with my friends a wild and hideous experience I had last week travelling on Air Asia to Hong Kong with my nephew Top, one of Thailand's ou...
28 May 2013
Somtow's World
Day Five: Lucid Dreaming The previous night, I have been attempting, once more, this reclining meditation.  Nothing seems to happen, although I do drift off into a profound sleep.  But, just before dawn, I have an astonishingly vivid dream. I see ...
26 May 2013
Somtow's World
INVITATION TO THE SYMPHONY OF A THOUSAND July 20-24, 2013 Dear Choirmaster, Voice Teacher or Individual Singer: The performance of Mahler’s “Symphony of a Thousand” taking place in late July in Thailand is an incredibly historic event.  With alre...
21 May 2013
Somtow's World
... more from my memoir from a dozen years ago about my brief time in the monastery ... Day Four: The Begging Bowl My attempts at sleep meditation do not seem to have borne fruit.  I sleep fitfully.  Partially it is nervousness; in the morning I a...
13 May 2013
Somtow's World
I decided to post the entire concert from last week...enjoy!
11 May 2013
Somtow's World
*** continued serialization of Somtow's "Nirvana Express", the diary of his brief monkhood which he kept in 2001 Day Three: A Momentary Ecstasy The dawn brings the delivery of a delicious honey-roasted pork from my mother.  The plate, piled hig...
9 May 2013
Somtow's World
What an enjoyable concert last night ... in only its second concert, the Community Orchestra showed itself a truly viable player in Bangkok's musical scene....
7 May 2013
Somtow's World
Siam Community Orchestra •in rehearsal The Siam Community Orchestra, on its second outing, is tackling one of the biggest, most monumental works in the symphonic repertoire, and one that has never been played in Thailand ... Bruckner's Ninth Sy...
6 May 2013
Somtow's World
Day Two: Walking Meditation The second day of my monkhood, I rise even earlier than the 5 a.m. “official” wakeup time.   There is no bell, no alarm; a Thai monastery doesn’t operate by enforcing time constraints.  People are expected to get u...
5 May 2013
Somtow's World
continuing to excerpt my 2001 diary of my very brief monkhood.... ****Day One: Angel who Walks the Earth The day of the ordination is complex, and fraught with ceremony; I do not have time for doubts.  An air-conditioned hall has been set up for m...
4 May 2013
Somtow's World
During my brief monkhood in the year 2001, I kept a diary of the experiences there.  I recently rediscovered it, and I've decided to post some excerpts from it over the next few weeks. I have been going through severe emotional strain over the la...
2 Jan 2013
Somtow's World
Today is January 2nd, the anniversary of the death of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana.  I've been sad for months about personal things but today I am more sad in a way, and also more hopeful. Princess Galyani on many occasions told me how she wanted ...
25 Aug 2012
Somtow's World
17 Aug 2012
Somtow's World
Siam Sinfonietta, the two-year-old youth orchestra founded by Silpathorn Kittikhun Artist Somtow Sucharitkul, has won first place in one of the most prestigious competitions for youth ensembles, at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, on ...
28 Jul 2012
Somtow's World
This is a complete video of the premiere ... hope you enjoy it.
25 May 2012
Somtow's World
Why can't I dream A song from my new musical, "Reya" English translation of lyrics: Why can’t I dream Just like other little girls Why can’t I fantasize Of milk-white skin and golden curls?I see all around me an endless green lawn a golden pa...
9 May 2012
Somtow's World
The media madness and the conspiracy theorists have already begun.  Blame is being assigned, bucks are being passed, and every partisan is using this old man's death to blacken the name of his political opponent.  This is all perhaps to be expecte...
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Sucharitkul: Requiem for the Mother of Songs
Sucharitkul: Reya - The Musical